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IT Products

Ignesys resells most of the popular genuine IT products. With our rich experience on all above, we are better positioned to recommend and advise our customers, making sure that they buy the right products at the right price. All products sold are given warranty by their respective manufacturer.

Outsourcing Services

Ignesys managed our customer system pioneering approach where we assist businesses by proactively monitoring IT issues. We resolve all the issues related to client’s server, network, software, hardware and IT support. Our custom monitoring tools continuously monitors client’s IT network so that immediate and automated notification can be generated whenever a problem occurs.

Network Security

Not all threats to your IT infrastructure come from outside your organization, resulting in a common need for professional IT security solutions. Ignesys Technologies reviews your entire network to identify system vulnerabilities from both inside and outside your organization

IT Services

Ignesys Technologies’ keeps your organization’s IT operations running day-to-day. Ignesys personalizes the IT experience for each of clients. Across the business world, IT infrastructures are utilized to increase productivity, manage workflow, communicate both internally and with clients, and replace a host of other traditional business systems.

Our Mission

“Creating innovative IT solutions to satisfied clients worldwide and building relationships based on trust, professionalism and high ideals.”

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We’re a dedicated team, bringing together

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Only Use what is necessary

Meet Team Ignesys! We’re a quirky lot, each with his or her own ways, but we share the same core values. We’re passionate, committed, and feisty. We’re all fighters in our own way and we love what we do.

Only Use what is necessary

More than the what we do, and what we make

Most of all we believe and celebrate our cause. In true Ignesys spirit, our team is spread across Singapore & Malaysia. Best is that whenever we need an extra hand, we just turn to the our evergrowing community of Ignesyser around the world.

More than the what we do, and what we make

Why Us

We believe our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect differentiate us from our competitors.


Best always comes from Idea.


Things work better with planning


We've better way to create.


success comes with a smile

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Computer is not a device anymore. It is an extension of your mind and your gateway to other people.

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